Hosted telecom services can be ideal for startup businesses

    Young businesses can benefit substantially from hosted or cloud-based business phone services, which can offer cost-efficient telecom options that meet performance needs, StartUp Smart reported.

    According to the news source, capital funds are scarce for most startups, and the money that is available needs to be used with incredible care. Because of this, many startup owners end up using their personal mobile devices to handle communications.

    The problem is that mobile phones are often inadequate for business needs, and most organizations also need some form of landline service, the report said.

    To gain the level of performance offered by landlines without the capital costs of an investment in traditional telephony services, businesses can invest in hosted VoIP and cloud PBX services. Since the service is handled by a third party, the capital expense is turned into an operating fee, which is much easier for most startups to handle, the news source said.

    Investing in hosted business phone services can work well for organizations of all sizes, not just startups. Hosted VoIP solutions, for example, are ideal for companies with many employees who work remotely and are trying to reduce telephone expenses.

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