Hosted VoIP can provide important communications solutions

    Regardless of company size, upgrading to a cloud VoIP system can provide numerous benefits. According to Smart Business, a small business may pay $5,000 to improve it's business phone system, while a large company might pay up to $60,000. However, VoIP can cost as little as $60 a month and removes the necessity to maintain, upgrade and support premise-based systems.

    VoIP service can also be highly beneficial to multi-site organizations, removing long-distance fees and centralizing PBX, making it easier to update the system and make communication easier for both employees and clients.


    Customer relationship management can also be improved by VoIP solutions. According to the news source, customers can be automatically transferred between call recipients and locations much more easily, as well as improve the speed at which customers needs are addressed. Making clients happier can improve business, so not only can VoIP cut costs, it may also help increase revenue.


    According to SME Web, another benefit to adopting a hosted VoIP solution for communications needs is that many of these systems offer advanced features for a fraction of the cost of the high-end traditional telephony versions that include the same ones. One example is the ability to transfer calls from a desk phone to a mobile one, allowing employees to continue working away from their office.



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