Across industries, businesses need a lot from their contact center technology. It must streamline operations, help agents maximize customer satisfaction and ensure managers can track and measure agent success. On top of that, simplicity, security, reliability and flexibility are crucial. And, perhaps most importantly, the contact center technology must be cost-effective, delivering a good return on investment.

The price of contact center technology that does not meet the above requirements is huge. For example, if a contact center system is difficult and complicated for agents to use, then each agent may have to spend a few extra minutes each day navigating the system. That loss in productivity – and increase in frustration – quickly multiples over weeks and months, resulting in thousands of wasted dollars. And, that doesn’t even include the cost of extra time spent training new employees on the overly complex system.

Also consider how an outdated on-site contact center solution can harm businesses financially by restricting their adaptability, preventing them from cost-effectively updating their technology as their business grows and their needs change. Companies that fail to adapt inevitably lose customers and fall behind their competitors.

Upgrading to an innovative cloud contact center solution ensures your business is leveraging the latest and greatest technology to boost customer satisfaction and increase agent productivity. Here’s how three organizations in different industries across the globe use cloud contact center solutions to do just that.


Retailer Experiences Increased Flexibility and Performance Management

One of North America’s largest boating supplies and accessories retailers was looking for a new contact center solution with greater flexibility and better data gathering and call handling features. With over 300 stores and 50,000 products, their contact center was an essential lifeline to customers, and their legacy PBX system wasn’t cutting it.

They decided to move their contact center to the cloud, and the change was immediate. Their modern cloud contact center platform provided their management with the flexibility and agility to adjust call routing as needed – increasing first-call resolution rates – and handle seasonal demands more effectively.

Plus, the reporting and analytics features help them determine the success of the call center and its individual agents. This allows the retailer to identify areas that need attention, such as agents who require additional training.

Healthcare Non-Profit Achieves Simplicity and Reliability

A UK non-profit focused on health and well-being needed a simple and secure contact center platform to provide better support to the hundreds of people it serves. Too much time was being wasted on navigating their complex contact center technology and training new agents. Plus, it was crucial that they ensure patients’ information was kept safe and they complied with all regulations.

This healthcare organization  chose to migrate to a state-of-the-art, cloud contact center solution, which was significantly simpler and more intuitive than their legacy system.

”The agents are finding it a lot easier to use than the previous platform,” says their quality and training manager. “They’re really happy with how everything flows.”

In addition, there was a notable improvement in the contact center’s reliability and security, which is critical given the sensitive nature of their patients’ data. The upgraded solution helps ensure they safeguard and respect patients’ privacy while also complying with regulations at all times.

Holiday Savings Website Boosts Efficiency and Customer Acquisition Rates

A New Zealand-based holiday savings website was frustrated by the lack of efficient reporting and the low customer acquisition rates of its outsourced contact center. To achieve greater control over operations, they decided to run their own contact center. Finding technology that would maximize efficiency and attract new customers was crucial to not only the contact center’s success, but their overall business as well.

The website selected and deployed an advanced cloud contact center solution that streamlined their operations and generated reports on agent performance quickly and efficiently. Managers then leveraged the data in those reports to make better, more informed business decisions.

Most importantly, the new solution enabled them to handle non-voice communications from their website for the first time, something that many customers had been asking for. Email and SMS proved to be such effective channels for interacting with customers, customer engagement rates soared.

No matter your industry, location or strategic initiative, the right cloud contact center solution can make the difference between success and failure. For flexibility, simplicity, better decision-making and more, consider if an upgrade to an intuitive cloud contact center is right for your business.

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George Despinic

George Despinic

Senior Product Marketing Manager – Contact Center

George is a 33-year veteran of the communication and contact center industries. He's worked at Nortel, Unify, [24] and now Mitel in various roles, including product management and marketing. Currently, he is the Senior Product Marketing Manager for Mitel’s contact center portfolio and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in helping companies achieve an exceptional customer experience.

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