How Can HD Voice Escape Enterprise Islands? - VoIP Evolution

    HD Voice has been big news this year. I have yet to try it but the question really comes down to if it makes a big enough difference to really be worth implementing in the near-term, when it is somewhat more expensive and less tested.

    How Can HD Voice Escape Enterprise Islands?

    Enterprises are leading drivers of HD voice use. Most large organizations have moved or are moving to IP telephony systems, and most new IP phones come with G.722, the baseline HD voice codec for desk phones, built in. HD voice offers enterprises substantial benefits, particularly in conference calls. Because their superior audio makes it easier for participants to understand one another, HD voice calls are more efficient and less tiring than conventional ones. But for the technology to reach its full potential, large numbers of users both inside and outside of enterprises have to be able to make HD voice calls to one another. And significant obstacles stand in the way of that happening.

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