How Cloud Communications Would Have Changed George Jetson’s Life

    How Cloud Communications Would Have Changed George Jetson’s Life


    Poor George Jetson. Even with his rocket-powered chair, George still had to go to the office every morning to work under the watchful eye of Mr. Spacely. Luckily, we’ve inherited a better future than that. Work in the 21st century isn’t somewhere you go, it’s something you do.

    After years of being chained to the old ideas of office productivity, businesses are realizing that liberated employees are empowered employees. When you free people from the tethers of the office, amazing things start to happen: productivity rises, borders and barriers disappear, innovation replaces enervation, and the quality of work improves as employees’ quality of life improves.

    So let’s get liberated by busting some of those old myths that may be holding your business back.


    Myth #1: Employees need to come in to work every day

    Mythbuster: 3.2 million Americans work remotely full-time, a 78% increase since 2005.

    We’re not saying you need to get rid of your office. After all, you need to store that copier paper somewhere. But you do need to rid yourself of the notion that people do their best work at their desk. In the past, that logic made sense because the office was where businesses stored all of their productivity tools: computers, phones, files, applications, etc. Today, all of those tools can be stored in the cloud and accessed on a mobile device, so employees have the same set of tools no matter where they are: at the office, at home and on the road.

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