How CRM Integration Fuels Great Customer Service

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are the most-used tool by businesses globally, according to Bain & Company’s Management Tools & Trends 2015 survey. One reason: They enable companies to collect and store valuable customer information – the kind that can fuel the business if delivered to the right employees at the right moment.

    CRM tools like SalesForce and Microsoft Dynamics are especially effective when they’re integrated into a business phone system. In these cases, they provide immediate access to customer records and histories, automatic note taking, real time analytics, workflow integration and more. A phone system like ShoreTel Connect allows an organization to link CRM tools to a phone system and perform all these tasks.

    This is the kind of customer service that sets your business apart, in a way that pays off. According to the American Express Global Customer Service Barometer, organizations with outstanding customer service earn more from current customers and attract higher numbers of new customers. More than two-thirds of consumers say they’ll spend an additional 14 percent with companies that provide an excellent customer service experience.

    eConsultancy reports that companies investing in CRM tools reap benefits including greater efficiency, better collaboration, more data, and increased accountability. These are multiplied when the CRM tools are meshed with the phone system. Not only are call-record data, customer account information, and activity trends integrated with the calling experience, they’re also weaved into reports that release their true productivity and analytic potential.

    Plus, CRM integration expands the toolset your staff works with to build relationships with customers. Call recording, multi-party voice conferences, Interactive Voice Response, voicemail transcription, point-to-point SMS messaging, presence monitoring and collaboration are all collected into a unified package with an enhanced dashboard and reporting, eliminating instances where applications can’t “talk” to one another and operate in silos.

    This makes it easier for sales professionals to follow-up with their prospects, for service teams to be more responsive to their clients’ needs, and for business managers to more quickly measure performance and quantify the returns on their investments. And, it increases the ROI of both the ShoreTel UC system and your existing business applications.

    With ShoreTel, businesses have the flexibility to integrate advanced CRM applications when they deploy ShoreTel Connect ONSITE, ShoreTel Connect CLOUD or as a hybrid combination of the two with ShoreTel Connect HYBRID.

    Integrations are available now for ACT!, AMS 360,™, Microsoft Dynamics®, NetSuite®, Salesforce®, and Zendesk®. Moreover, the ShoreTel-developed EasyPop, Web Dialer, and App Dialer solutions bring brilliant simplicity to customers requiring integration to any of the hundreds of other CRM systems in the market today.

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