How Going Mobile Helps the Holiday Rush

    For a wide range of businesses, the holidays also mark the busy season, when many will book the largest share of their annual revenue. Yet they face a conundrum: Just as demand for their products reaches a crescendo, a significant portion of their workforce heads out the door to celebrate with friends and family.

    But just because executives, sales reps and team members aren’t physically in the office doesn’t mean they can’t be connected and available. With mobility solutions in place, a company can meet the needs of clients and sign new deals, even when its office locations are mostly empty.

    Here’s how mobility can make a business more agile.

    Be Where the Customers Are  

    No matter what the time of year, there’s a good chance your customers will begin their buying cycle on a mobile device. Millennials in particular, who spend a whopping $200 billion annually, see mobile phones as integral to their life. According to Nielsen, 92% own a smartphone, compared with just 76% of Baby Boomers.

    Meanwhile, mobile usage continues to grow at a healthy clip. According to Mary Meeker, an analyst at Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers, Americans spend more of their digital media time on mobile devices than on desktops.

    Driving this growth is a simple idea: People are fast becoming accustomed to accessing information anytime, anywhere. As any good salesperson knows, an important aspect of selling is understanding their target’s environment. Today, having a mobile-equipped workforce is a critical way of keeping your business in-sync with your customers.

    Work Anywhere, Anytime

    But more to the point, mobility enables employees to be location-independent. This is especially powerful during the holidays, when much of the workforce is on vacation or traveling. For example, using ShoreTel Connect's Presence, a product specialist can make herself available when it’s convenient, enabling customer service reps to reach out if answers aren’t available in standard documentation files. This allows for a faster response to customers and can help book sales faster.

    Access to Productivity Apps, From Smartphone or Tablet  

    By mobile-enabling your sales team, you increase productivity and performance – even during the holiday travel period. When a client calls their favorite sales rep at his company number, they’ll never know he’s actually sitting next to a resort pool with his family. Using a mobile app on his tablet, he can access the customer’s account, determine the appropriate solution, and create and share a proposal on the spot. With a few clicks, a deal is signed, the customer is happy and the sales rep can return to his family.

    Team Collaboration

    But what if the customer call requires help from other team members, who are also traveling or working remotely? Mobility allows them to work together virtually. When teams can communicate in real-time, regardless of time zone or location, your business becomes more agile. Connectedness provides greater insight and a better ability to secure new sales opportunities.

    If the holiday season is your busy season, enabling mobile solutions will help you be more flexible. Despite having fewer employees in the office, you’ll be able to deliver the same level of service – and keep your sales momentum going – straight into the New Year.

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