Those of you who know me know that I’m a huge San Francisco Giants fan. I bleed orange, for the Giants as well as for ShoreTel. I’ve been exceptionally proud to call the Giants a happy ShoreTel customer for the last several years and am thrilled about the success our partnership has brought to both organizations. In fact, check out this video with Giants CIO Bill Schlough to hear about his technological vision for the entire Giants franchise. Impressive.

As of today, however, my pride for the Giants – and ShoreTel’s relationship with the organization – has hit an all-time high. In case you haven’t heard, Giants pitcher Matt Cain pitched a perfect game last night against the Houston Astros. That’s the first perfect game in the Giants franchise history and only the 22nd of all time. As this USA Today article claimed, Matt Cain “spun one of the most dominant performances ever,” and ESPN said, “Cain reached perfection in style.”

And to make it an even more perfect night, I was there! That’s right, it was ShoreTel’s annual media event at AT&T Park last night, and I was there along with several ShoreTel colleagues, our friends from Amnesty International (another satisfied ShoreTel customer), and a few friends from local media outlets. If I recall correctly, it was Steve Fox of PC World who won a Matt Cain-signed baseball during our raffle last year. Be still my heart. There were other cool prizes, including a Will Clark autographed ball this year, but I was particularly jealous of that one.

ShoreTel’s annual media day is always a great event, but this year we truly hit it out of the park (and not just with Matt Cain’s perfect game!). We were joined by Dan Hoffman, former CEO of M5 Networks, acquired by ShoreTel earlier this year, and now head of ShoreTel’s Cloud Division. Also in attendance was Pej Roshan, who is the father of the ShoreTel Mobility solution. Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement where we’ll share details of how the integration of ShoreTel’s mobility and cloud solutions is coming along. With this development, ShoreTel will be in an even stronger position to capitalize on new market opportunities as the industry evolves quickly around enterprise mobility and cloud services.

It’s an exciting time to be at ShoreTel. And it’s an exciting time to be a Giants fan! As always, we had all the ingredients for a perfect evening last night. In fact, it was a “pitch perfect evening.” I know I speak for ShoreTel and all of our guests when I say congratulations to Matt Cain, the entire San Francisco Giants organization, and fans everywhere.

Go SF Giants! Go ShoreTel!

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