How Hotels Are Delivering Superior Guest Services With Virtual Solutions

    How hotels are delivering superior guest services with virtual solutions

    Delivering an exceptional experience to guests is at the heart of every successful hotel and now more than ever technology is playing a critical role in enhancing and personalising this experience.

    For hotel groups across the world, the delivery of effective communication through virtualised, IP solutions is transforming guest services. Examples include W Hotel, Starwood and also Firmdale, which recently rolled out a Mitel solution across its iconic London hotels, including the Soho Hotel, and the Crosby Street Hotel in New York.

    Advanced in-room guest features

    In the rooms, IP telephony features are improving the guest experience by ensuring failed wake up calls are escalated, guests are greeted by name using room/caller ID and by offering information about guest services, local service and attractions.

    Aesthetics are also important. In stylish hotels, handsets need to be design features and not technology objects. For Firmdale, the sleek design of the Mitel IP phones is in-keeping with the prestigious look of its hotels, disguising a wealth of advanced technological features for guests and staff.

    Enhancing staff communication across the hotel

    The virtual solution at Firmdale is built around the core applications of Mitel’s vMCD 5.0. It’s helping to drive effective communication for staff, with call and text features allowing them to keep in touch and manage guest requests.

    Dynamic extensions mean duty managers and staff can be contacted on one number regardless of where they are, while cordless wi-fi phones allow front-desk staff to move easily between tasks. Ring groups ensure teams like housekeeping can be reached on a single number, and auto attendant features also mean guest calls are never missed and are picked up by the right person.

    A simple approach, with rich benefits

    The beauty of using a virtual communications platform is the significant simplification in IT management, and associated costs. Downtime can be kept to a minimum, to make sure it’s ‘business as usual’ for guests of the hotel.

    Mark Coey, Firmdale Hotels’ Group Deputy IT Manager is already seeing multiple benefits from the new Mitel system, which is enabling staff to stay in touch easily and offer a more personal service to guests that is in-keeping with the Hotel group’s values.

    Find out more by watching this short video of Mark talking about the difference the virtual solution has made to Firmdale. Or read about the Firmdale rollout, which was recently featured in Retail Technology (page 27) and Hotel Business.

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