How mobile apps are taking over the workforce

    The end is nigh for laptops, according to a recent Frost & Sullivan whitepaper which looks into the future of the Unified Communications landscape in the Australia and New Zealand market.

    The report, Opportunities in the ANZ Hosted and Cloud Market outlines that mobility and cloud computing are the two pillars driving the future for enterprise communications and have led to trends which threaten the ongoing need for laptops.

    In particular, more companies are relying on mobile applications for day-to-day business activities enabling enterprise workers to access every single form of information through any mobile device including smartphones and tablets. This ultimately threatens the need for laptops because now workers no longer need to rely on laptops for portability, they simply need to reach for their smartphone or tablet.

    The quality of mobile apps in the market suitable for enterprise goes beyond just email, voice and office applications, with more complex business applications such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions accessible via mobile applications too.

    Further future trends in the Unified Communications market are outlined below and present opportunities for channels, cloud hosts and end users.   



    To find out more about trends in Unified Communications and what it means for your organisation download the whitepaper from Frost & Sullivan.