How Revolution Tea Used UC to Boost Its Bottom Line

    Committed to changing the way tea is served, Revolution Tea LLC, produces a variety of teas that are offered in restaurants, cafeterias, coffee shops, grocery stores, boutiques and gift shops across the United States, as well as online. The Phoenix-based company deployed a Mitel unified communications (UC) solution for its 50 employees, including the Mitel Unified Communicator® Advanced and Mitel Collaboration Advanced, replacing its third‐party audio conferencing and Web conferencing services.

    “Our workers can schedule audio conferences, and it just works—people schedule it themselves and use it easily, saving time and money,” says Paul Whiting, Revolution Tea’s IT manager.

    A Shorter Sales Cycle

    In addition to making conferences easier, the UC capabilities enable salespeople and managers to interact at critical times, such as the end of each fiscal quarter, resulting in a 2 to 5 percent increase in business.

    “At the end of the month, you can’t wait 24 hours to get approvals to get the sale completed,” Whiting says. “Using Mitel UC, we can close about 10 to 15 sales a day at the end of the month, and can get the money into the bank account faster.” 

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    Solving Technical Glitches Remotely

    Revolution Tea’s sales staff, which is located across the country, relies heavily on computers and smartphones for communications. In the past, it was a challenge for Whiting to solve these workers’ computer problems without physically traveling to where they’re located.

    Today, Whiting can resolve technical issues by remotely viewing their screens, eliminating the need to travel.

    Total Cost Savings

    By using Mitel conferencing, Revolution Tea was able to eliminate its third‐party Web conferencing service and bring audio conferencing capabilities in house resulting in a total savings of $17,000 to $18,000 each year.


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