How to Sail Around Pitfalls During a Telephone System Replacement

    Replacing a telephone system should bring significant benefits to a business. And to ensure that result, telecom consultant Melissa Swartz, in an article in No Jitter, listed some steps to ensure success in a new deployment.

    IT managers need to thoroughly plan in advance of a replacement, Swartz said. Among her recommendations: conduct a proper needs assessment, evaluate key features of systems under consideration, involve business users in decision-making, envision the long-term needs of the business, and initiate a network assessment.

    Swartz said to avoid a buying decision based on a “one-size-fits-all” basis. “Most telephony solutions support a wide array of endpoints (big phones, small phones, softphones, wireless phones) and capabilities (Presence, Mobility, Collaboration),” she wrote. “The variety can be overwhelming, so the options often get narrowed for manageability. However, most organizations have some percentage of power users who will benefit from higher-level "tools". The most successful implementations recognize these users and provide the tools to make them more effective.”

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