How to Setup a Company Greeting on Your Phone

    Six Tips - and a Flow Chart -  for Your Company Greetings

    Our Journey to a Proper Company Greeting

    Like a lot of companies, for a long time, we used an employee with a good voice to do all of our automated attendant greetings and on-hold messages.  In fact, her voice was so good that many individuals asked her to record their voicemail greetings as well.  When she left the company, she made the reasonable request to have her voice removed from all greetings.   This wasn't as straightforward as it sounds.  Finding all of the greetings for the main numbers was easy, but identifying and correcting individual voicemail boxes was more of a challenge.  Sadly, we didn't learn our lesson from this experience and continued using employees to record greetings.  As each person left or became unavailable, we’d select someone else.  We ended up with a hodgepodge of voices on our greetings.  Not a very professional image or consistent experience for our callers.

    When we were acquired, we needed to change every greeting to reflect the new company name.  This time, we thought carefully about it and took the opportunity to use a professional voice recording service, Snap Recordings.  It was easy, inexpensive and all done over the web.  We got to choose from a variety of voice talent and now have a consistent sound to our company.  We learned a lot from our experience and the experiences shared by our customers over the years.

    Here are 6 best practices for your company greetings, auto attendants and voicemail:

    • Have your company greetings professionally recorded.  It’s easier and less expensive than you think.
    • Give employees specific instructions on the information you want them to include in their voicemail greetings.  Make sure they are consistent with the image you want for your brand.
    • Make Auto Attendant instructions simple and easy to follow.  Keep options to 4 or fewer.
    • Do what you say you are going to do.  If a greeting says, press “1” for a sales representative, make sure that’s what happens.  If you voicemail box says, “leave a message and I will return your call,” do it!
    • Don’t include unnecessary information.  It’s 2013, you don’t need to tell people, “if you know the extension of the person you are dialing, enter it at any time.”  We know that.  Also, does anyone really want your fax number?
    • Keep a document that contains the script and number for each greeting.  This will make changes easier.

    Does Your Business Sound Like a Modern Company?

    This chart will help you get started:

    Creating a great experience for your callers isn't difficult, but it does take some attention and careful thought.  If you aren't sure how well you've done, pick up the phone and give yourself a call.  You might learn a lot.

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