How ShoreTel Connect Improves Business Communications on the Road

    I travel a lot. My fellow ShoreTel employees and partners, who I have worked with for six years, know my motto:  If I’m not at home, I’m on a plane. During my career of traveling well over two million miles across the globe, I’ve observed a lot of interesting technical challenges for those traveling and trying to stay in touch with their teams 38,000 feet below.

    During a recent trip back to my hometown of Dallas, Texas I was seated in an aisle seat: 8B. I noticed a young lady across the aisle, in seat 7D, pull out a laptop and begin frantically working on things the moment the inflight Wi-Fi became available. I worked as well, but I couldn’t help watch the frantic flurry of activity the girl did.

    To start, she opened Outlook and continually flipped back from her email to her calendar while responding to emails. Then she opened up a Unified Communications client -- not ShoreTel Connect -- and began instant messaging with her colleagues. She continually switched between apps as she tried to communicate with those on IM, work her email inbox and setup meetings frantically. I noticed a lot of frustration from her. She kept missing instant messages from colleges because her client didn’t notify her properly. When she did get to the client, she constantly needed to move windows around on her screen to get to other information she needed.

    It was a fresh reminder of just how simple my life is with ShoreTel Connect. 

    For me to accomplish all that she was trying to do, Connect does all of it short of replying to emails. I can see my calendar, instant messages and setup new conference calls and meetings without having to leave the client. Even better, because of the way we designed the client, I don’t have to resize windows or choose what I need to view. I can have both my email client and Connect open without requiring a lot of window shifting to complete my work.

    I’m not sure how productive the lady in 7D ended up at the end of the flight. Based on hand gestures and the velocity of her laptop being closed, I’m guessing not-so much. For me in 8B, 4 meetings were scheduled, two IM sessions were completed with colleagues to verify some things about those meetings and about 10 emails were sorted out, all without having to continually move things around on my desktop to see what I needed to see.

    If you are not using ShoreTel Connect today, give us a call.  Let us show you how a simple but powerful user experience design on a commonly used application in business can make your life more simple and less painful whether you are in the office, at home or at 38,000 feet.

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