How ShoreTel Makes It Simple For Your Callers

    I met with people from a large technology company last week and we went through the formality of exchanging business cards. After the meeting I had cause to follow up with one of them so I looked out their card and noticed they had three contact numbers listed.

    I called the first one: their direct dial and got voicemail. The issue was urgent so I hung up and tried the next number, their cell, only to get a network announcement that it was unreachable. So onto the third number as a last chance to get them live. This was the company switchboard number so when reception answered I asked for my contact and got put through to their voicemail, which is where I ended up on the first call. Their greeting didn’t indicate they were out of the office so I left my message in the hope that they call back.

    Then I looked at my business card with just one contact number on it.

    I make it easy for anyone wanting to call me by just having one number published number that connects with me wherever I have a phone. And ShoreTel Communicator makes it brilliantly simple to manage.

    The way I work is that my direct dial number rings any ShoreTel system phone I care to log into, and at the same time I have the option of getting my cell and home all called together. This is great for me as a traveller I don’t have to give out a long list of numbers of where I’m likely to be during the week and I have complete control over which phones will ring.

    If I’m available, I answer.

    ShoreTel also has call handling modes that allow me to change the way callers are treated with one click of the mouse or button press on the phone. If I don’t want to be disturbed I can send all calls to voicemail but I can easily set up exceptions such as calls from my boss or family so they can still get through.

    As a user of unified communications, the ShoreTel flexibility fits with how I work and the simplicity helps my callers get through first time.

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