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    Some nice attention about the gangbusters M5 tenth anniversary party last month. Thanks again to our great PR & event partners, The Wakeman Agency.

    How to Throw a Killer Company Party

    One company celebrated their anniversary by incorporating their clients

    A month ago I stopped by M5’s 10th Anniversary Party. The first thing that struck me was this huge wall with all of their client’s logos. What I like about this is it allows their clients to “do the bragging” for them. They also had food and drinks from their clients. I think they had about 500 people including staff, partners and clients. There was even a performance of the M5 band.

    After I noticed that a few of M5’s investors were in attendance, I asked Dan Hoffman, CEO of M5, how they felt about the company spending all this money on a party. He said:

    “Our whole mission is about delivering phones, service, and applications that clients love. So we’ve filled the company with staff that thrive on client’s appreciation,” Dan said. “The best celebration for the staff   - the best way to feel how ten years of hard work has paid off – is seeing face-to-face just how grateful our clients are. Letting a few prospects and the press in on this love-fest is just smart marketing and a good way to pay for a good party.”

    It wasn’t all fun and games (and beer). Before the fondue fountain and frozen phone ice sculpture, M5 debuted their new phone features.

    via How to Throw a Killer Company Party | NY Report By Robert S. Levin,  June 17, 2010

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