So, after weighing in all the considerations, you have decided that Premium Software Assurance (SWA) is the right choice for your business.

Congratulations on making the right choice. 24x7 technical support and case management from Mitel experts, access to online training, and most importantly, Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA), will ensure your Mitel communications solution delivers years of optimal performance. 

Looking for more value

Did you know that you can get Premium Software Assurance in contracts lasting 3 to 5 years and be eligible for multi-year discounts that can help you save money and a lot more? 

In the chart the first column represents the cost a one year of Standard Software Assurance that you would renew annually. The second column represents the cost of one year of Standard Software Assurance but with a multi-year subscription. The third column is the cost a one year of Premium Software Assurance that you would renew annually. Finally, the last column represents the best value, Premium Software Assurance purchased in a multi-year subscription.

Apart from the cost savings, you also benefit from the following:

  • You get a locked-in price
  • You are ensured continuous 24/7 coverage with peace of mind
  • You can manage your budgets more efficiently
  • You also save the time and resources of having to renew every year


Based on our historical customer data, the typical lifespan of a Mitel communications solution is 6 to 9 years, so instead of opting for a one-year Software Assurance subscription, and renewing every year, it makes it imperative to choose multi-year subscriptions. And you not only save money, but all the additional benefits of locking in your Software Assurance subscription for 3 to 5 years.


Mitel Software Assurance – Renew Today!

Does your Mitel Software Assurance subscription need to be renewed? Contact your Mitel Partner today. And be sure to ask about Premium Software Assurance in a multi-year subscription. 


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