How UC improves the contact center

    Unified communications offers numerous benefits for a contact center, upgrading telecom systems and providing support for high-demand service mediums, such as real-time chat. However, some businesses still struggle to establish exactly why they need UC service for their centers or offices. Call Centre Helper recently provided a list of some of the top benefits of UC to make it easier to find the return on investment and sell UC to company and IT decision makers.

    According to the report, UC provides a few specific advantages: teleworking capabilities, allowing multiple responders to a call, improving audio, availability indicators and cost reduction. These benefits can still be complex though, and can be simplified further. When a business deploys a UC solution, it gains three key advantages: communications management, improved service and cost savings.


    By examining just these three benefits, a business can establish how UC and its various tools, such as VoIP service, can improve operations and ultimately bring more money to the company. Allowing employees to work from home and keeping better track of those that do allows a business to improve productivity and provide better service to its customers. Increasing the technical quality of communications does the same, making support more reliable and effective. Finally, UC lowers telecom costs and helps a business make more money through improved efficiency and workflow.



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