How a Workforce Optimization Solution Empowers Business Telephone Systems

    In preparation for the upcoming ShoreTel One Champion Partner Conference, we’re highlighting some of our partners who will be in attendance. These and other partners will reveal how they work together with ShoreTel to help deliver powerful, efficient and cost-effective UC solutions. 

    Whether small or large, contact centers face big challenges including: maintaining service excellence, complying with regulations and motivating agent productivity and performance excellence.

    A workforce optimization (WFO) solution integrated with a telephony system such as ShoreTel’s makes these goals achievable. It can bring the transformative benefitsof advanced interaction recording, quality management, analytics and workforce management to your contact center, regardless of its size and complexity.

    The challenge for an organization is to select an optimal solution that embodies simplicity of use with depth in key capabilities at competitive cost. It also needs to integrate seamlessly with a contact center product, such as ShoreTel’s Contact Center solutions. This allows for superior service delivery and productivity, and drives increased customer satisfaction and profitability. In addition, the buyer becomes the contact center’s hero.

    A WFO application should also be designed for best-practice workforce optimization. Features such as advanced call recording with live monitoring, centralized administration and management, performance dashboards, screen capture, agent evaluation, coaching, and e-learning should be designed for simplified, intuitive usability.

    A complete WFO solution provides speech and desktop analytics to enable customer contact monitoring, the ability to unlock customer and competitive insights and enhance organizational efficiencies. Workforce management maximizes productivity with accurate forecasting, automated scheduling, optimized staff utilization and real-time agent adherence.

    In addition to the ability to scale to serve all sizes of centers, the solution needs rock-solid security and end-to-end encryption to comply with government and industry regulations. From customer insights that improve products and services to productivity gains that lower costs, the WFO system should deliver optimal value, should be easy to deploy and requires minimal training with an ultra-intuitive interface that accelerates adoption.

    The following is a checklist when considering a WFO solution:

    • Record calls automatically by business rules or on demand
    • Live monitor calls and desktop activity for one or multiple stations until session ends
    • Play back recordings as .MP3 or .WAV files, emailed as attachments or playable URLs, or play back directly from your CRM system
    • Store call recordings’ meta-data searchable easily on demand. Add user-defined fields, such as customer or patient ID, and case or policy number, to call recordings from your CRM system
    • Comply with PCI-DSS, HIPAA, FIPS, and other regulations with auto pause/resume
    • Cloud service multi-tenancy with centralized management
    • High-availability in virtual and physical server deployments
    • Scalability to support thousands of endpoints
    • Watermarked recordings, SSL/HTTPS Web access, AES 256-bit encryption
    • Archiving to SAN, NAS, and attached storage
    • Web services integration, flow-through provisioning, call notifications, download, and annotations, sample applications, source code, and executables
    • Options for on-premise, cloud service, and hybrid deployments

    Engage WFO™ from TelStrat, a ShoreTel-integrated WFO solution, is helping contact centers in finance, healthcare, government, retail, transportation with efficiencies and cost-effectiveness that are driving success. For more information visit


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