Hybrid Cloud Solution Delivers Applications to ShoreTel Users

    ShoreTel Connect enables ShoreTel on-premises customers to provide applications from the cloud for individual employees on an “as-needed” basis.

    ShoreTel Connect is a hybrid cloud communication solution that leverages the best of on-site as well as cloud delivery platforms. ShoreTel’s hybrid cloud collaboration solution is for on-premises customers who want to maintain local control and lower the cost of their enterprise phone system, while also adding special service utilities on-demand on an “as-needed” basis. There is no capital expense or IT training needed; the service is enabled as part of the ShoreTel Director Administration dashboard. ShoreTel Connect enables on-premises customers to have greater access to on-demand services from the cloud while protecting their investment in their on-premises solutions.

    The solutions that are enabled with ShoreTel Connect are ShoreTel Sky Scribe and ShoreTel Sky Fax.

    ShoreTel Connect for ShoreTel Sky Scribe

    The ShoreTel Sky Scribe service transcribes voicemail from a ShoreTel phone into text and then sends it, along with a WAV file, to the e-mail address of choice. Customers can receive and read voicemail on any portable device for receiving email, supplementing the robust ShoreTel voicemail functionality with the increased flexibility and power provided by ShoreTel Sky Scribe. 

    ShoreTel Connect for ShoreTel Sky Fax

    ShoreTel Sky Fax is an enhancement to traditional faxing. Incoming faxes are received in a customer’s email inbox, and outbound faxes are sent as email attachments. Faxes can also be saved like emails. ShoreTel Sky Fax is the preferred solution for users who want to eliminate paper usage and send/receive faxes anywhere they access email.

    Ronald McDonald House of New York has been using ShoreTel Connect. "With ShoreTel Sky Scribe, our employees receive transcribed voice messages directly in their email. They can respond without having to dial in—they even read them during meetings without disrupting the conversation,” said Natalie Greaves, director of communications. “ShoreTel Sky Fax lets employees send and receive documents while on the go with just a click of a button. We’ve seen tremendous benefits from both features. I would highly recommend ShoreTel Connect to other prospects and customers."

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