Hybrid Work Environment Success Part 2: Cost Effectiveness

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Colin Ovington | September 12, 2022

In the first blog in this series, we explored how mobility facilitates hybrid work, which can help you attract and retain talent in today’s ultra-competitive workforce.

Cost-effectiveness is equally critical to your organization’s success—more than ever in our current business environment. The global economy is experiencing inflation, requiring everyone to review and take stock of costs across all their business.

Spending on communications and collaboration platforms is no exception.

Small and medium-sized business owners always need to keep an eye on costs. At the same time, they need to make sure they don’t undermine their employees’ ability to be efficient and productive or the ability to deliver a quality customer experience.

Reviewing Technology Decisions and Costs

During the turmoil of the last few years, businesses of all sizes scrambled to put in place communications and collaboration tools to enable their employees to work from home. Many pieced together several applications for video conferencing, messaging, and telephony, which may or may not have worked seamlessly with their phones and other business systems.

Employee mobility needs and expectations for easy-to-use, all-in-one apps, combined with cost pressures, make it imperative for businesses to review UCaaS and collaboration technology decisions they made over the last few years—and consider an upgrade to a truly unified communications and collaboration platform like RingCentral.

Usually, moving to a new communications platform is time-consuming and costly.

However, for Mitel’s cloud communications customers, our partnership with RingCentral makes upgrading to the leading UCaaS platform a convenient—and cost-effective—business decision.

When migrating to a new communications solution, you need to ensure that the new solution offers superior features and benefits to meet all your business requirements. RingCentral provides a single app experience, unmatched reliability (99.999% uptime), integrations with hundreds of business apps, and a global footprint in 110+ countries.

Business owners must also assess cost implications, such as penalties for getting out of their current contract, new user subscription pricing, replacement of desk phones, and migration time.

Here’s how the Mitel and RingCentral partnership addresses these cost concerns.

1. Getting Out of Your Current Contract 

Mitel will waive early termination fees for Mitel cloud customers migrating to RingCentral MVPTM.

2. New Subscription Pricing

Some Mitel cloud solutions required a-la-carte add-ons with incremental costs for features such as voicemail-to-email transcription, CRM Integrations, call recording, email-to-fax, and archiving. RingCentral’s all-in-one subscription pricing simplifies quoting and ordering. On top of that, migrating customers are eligible for special pricing with RingCentral MVPTM, including up to 3 months of free service.

3. Desk Phone Replacement

Phone replacement is an expensive and time-consuming process that includes quoting, ordering, shipping, phone placement, assembly, boot time connecting the phone to the network, provisioning, and return/scrapping of existing phones. Mitel customers with 6900 Series phones can leverage the Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP) feature to connect their existing phones to RingCentral MVPTM. This capability eliminates the time and cost of phone replacement required for competing offers. Existing Mitel phones not compatible with RingCentral MVPTM can be swapped for RingCentral-certified phones.

4. Migration Time

The Mitel to RingCentral migration experience delivers time savings of 75% compared to manual migration to a competing solution. This time savings, along with cost savings from lucrative limited-time Mitel incentives, can result in savings of up to $35K in potential migration costs.*

Start the Upgrade Process Today

Take charge of your cloud communications renewal decision and harness Mitel's partnership with RingCentral by upgrading to the leading UCaaS solution, RingCentral MVPTM, and get a world-class cloud communications solution with considerable cost savings.

Book a meeting with one of our Migration Experts to start your upgrade. We have representatives standing by and ready to help you at each step of your journey to RingCentral MVPTM.

*Based on a typical 60-seat migration.

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