I’m Charming But No One Cares Anymore (My Wife Included)

    (Or Why Sales In The Internet Age Requires Salespeople To Be Problem Solvers Not Feature Experts)

    I used to have more hair. My “selling style” was being a bit funny and knowing and showing my product well. It worked pretty well for a long time.

    Then this Internet thing came along. Buyers already have all the information on your product. Some companies began cutting out sales people altogether – selling books and boots right on their websites. So, are sales people dinosaurs? Yes, in certain industries, I no longer need or want to talk to a salesperson. I want to go to Amazon, buy the book, and track for when it will get to my house. Easy.

    However, buying a Unified Communications solution requires talking to an expert. Honestly, we all have very similar features with some unique features that stand out (ShoreTel’s Enterprise Mobility solution is an example of such a standout). I can get the technical specifications online, but the application of features towards solving business problems is a solution. That’s business impact.

    This is why ShoreTel has invested in solution selling training for all of its sales people and partners. The phone is too important a business tool to evaluate as a commodity. There are different solutions to solve different problems and that requires more listening then talking.

    ShoreTel is the only major manufacturer to offer premise and cloud UC solutions to customers. When you meet with a ShoreTel partner, they really don’t care about what you buy as long as you buy what is right – for you. You can have confidence that they will recommend what’s best for you, not merely push a product. Both products have the highest Net Promoter Score in the industry, so we feel good that whatever you pick, you will feel good about it afterward. Even if it’s not us.

    So what can you learn from meeting with a ShoreTel partner today?

    1. The most expensive cost in a business is a failed sales rep!
      We focus on the leading indicators of whether someone you hire is going to make it and when to cut the first round draft pick. What you can measure improves and we help you measure what’s important in the phone system (combine it with your CRM for a really powerful solution).
    2. How do you measure calls-throughs?
      Google helps you measure clicks but your call to action is to call me!
    3. What if you could combine traditional call center metrics like hold times with the customer information in your CRM?
      You have a call center and you have a CRM like salesforce.com. They both have great analytics but they are separate. Would you learn more about your customers or prospects?

    These are just a few of the great ideas you will get from a meeting with us. The best part is you don’t have to wait for your old PBX to break to take advantage of this! There are real revenue, people and process improvements you can make now that are way more significant than the phone bill.

    We hope you choose us, but at a minimum, we will give you some ideas on how the phone may be the greatest branding tool you have.  Ideas like why the first thing you should do to bring cultures together during an acquisition is to get everybody on the same unified communications solution.

    I hope this listening to customer needs stuff keeps me employed for a while. They may invent some robot with a listening algorithm but I think I am safe for a while.

    Now, if I could only convince my wife to let me get the IPhone 5. I keep telling her about the benefits of such a purchase but she keeps saying no.  I suppose I should listen better but it’s all blah blah. But I digress. Both marriage and selling require more listening then talking (or so she tells me)

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