iCan … iDid … iMade a Difference with ShoreTel at Interop

    What an exciting week in Las Vegas!  That’s what one might say after a trip to the casino, but not this time.  The action in Las Vegas was at the ShoreTel booth at Mandalay Bay, where we had a record number of guests in our booth – hundreds of people joined in our celebration of the launch of the ShoreTel Dock.  For the first time, you can undesk your desk phone and use the devices you want with the ShoreTel Dock, not the desk phones you are provided in a company.  Bring your own personal device to work, but leave your personal phone number at home and use your business number instead on your personal device.   Use your iPad or iPhone to participate in a webinar, or be the host of a webinar – whether you are in the office, your home office, the airport or your hotel room.  I had an opportunity to meet with industry analysts and press, customers and resellers – and show them how we’ve changed the game again.

    You can check out the ShoreTel Dock on our website, or contact any of the more than 1,000 resellers around the world that will be offering this tremendous product for iPad and iPhone users.   Work is no longer a place.  It is service you provide for a company.  And ShoreTel just made it that much easier for you to be more productive with the devices you love to use every day. iCan use my iPhone in the office.  iCan use my iPad to deliver a presentation.  I just hope iCan make it to the airport for my flight in 2 hours!   Can the ShoreTel Dock change the way you work?  I’d enjoy hearing your thoughts.

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