iCan Takes Center Stage in ShoreTel Dock Campaign

    ShoreTel Dock, released Monday, transforms the iPad and iPhone into a desk phone, and gives users a sense of freedom to do more, collaborate better and connect to others anywhere.

    By fusing the convenience of Apple devices with the power of a business communication system, ShoreTel Dock lets users feel empowered to say iCan. Our new creative campaign is built on the idea that when two magical things are brought together, the result is exponentially better (i.e. 1+1=3).

    The creative concept pulls this idea through each element of the campaign and also brings in the style of the lower case “i”, tipping our hat to the lovefest of all things Apple!

    The pay off line in the campaign is: “It’s not what it holds. It’s what it sets free,” keeping the focus on the user benefit, not the technology.

    Here’s a sample of our fun ad copy:

    iCan do more when I’m left to my own devices.

    iCan interact with happy employees (and angry birds).

    iCan get a charge out of being at my desk.

    iCan power my day.

    iCan undesk my job.

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