IDC’s 3rd Platform Envisions Shift to Use of New Technologies

    Technology and its uses in business are changing so rapidly that analysts are racing to describe the changes. Frank Gens, IDC’s senior vice president and lead analyst, recently described what IDC believes is a 3rd platform being built on new technologies of mobility, cloud, social media and big data.

    “The 3rd platform is not just the emerging platform, it’s the only IT marketplace that matters,” Gens said last week in a keynote speech last week at IDC Directions 2013 in Santa Clara, Calif.

    In addition, the 3rd Platform is evolving. In its first chapter, it has been vendor-driven. In the next chapter, users, that is, businesses, will drive the growth of this trend, he said. “Users will push this as they envision what they can build and what they have to jump on to compete at the core of the market,” Gens said.

    Gens said spending on 3rd Platform technologies will be 25 percent of all IT spending in 2013. By 2020, spending on 3rd Platform technologies will reach 40 percent of all IT spending.

    Shoretel’s IP-based unified communications solutions, seen in its recent release of ShoreTel Mobility 6, fits into this new platform as businesses and employees look to new ways of collaborating, one IDC analyst said.  Stephen Drake, IDC’s program vice president for mobility and telecom research, said that by enabling the iPad to be used as a unified communications endpoint, employees can to take advantage of their own device to leverage tasks like VoIP telephony, Presence status and location, and Instant Messaging to greater advantage.

    “It’s interesting to let users access a display where they can collaborate on multiple tasks, so that the iPad becomes almost a mobile PBX” Drake said.  “Giving end users the ability to perform multiple tasks on a tablet is a really good idea.”

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