If the Office is Anywhere, recently it was the DMV

    After a week at Enterprise Connect in Orlando, I was exhausted. The show had been a tremendous success – with many valuable conversations at our booth and a lot of insight shared in the sessions.

    I gathered my belongings and headed to the airport. Which is where I realized I had lost my wallet somewhere amid the masses at the show.

    Being without any identifying documentation at the airport was a serious bummer. But I willingly admit to being far calmer than one would expect. Because I still had all my technology – if it had been my phone misplaced, a full breakdown likely would have ensued.

    By a stroke of sheer luck (plus several debit cards in my name and my Costco card), I was able make it through security. Once assured of a return trip home I set about attempting to rectify this very unfortunate situation.

    Since I still had my phone, I called the hotel (while simultaneously searching for the taxi’s corporate number). The hotel said they thought they had my missing wallet!

    I rapidly commenced calling every colleague who had been at the show with me and might still be onsite. All of their numbers were in my possession via the ShoreTel Mobility directory. Alas, my documents would not be forthcoming.

    So I started instant messaging a separate slew of colleagues that I might be a bit late to work the following business day…

    As I sat there, at the DMV. Waiting for my number, G-374, to be called to one of 11 service windows so I could replace my driver’s license. My precious phone beside me as I just wrapped up a conference call and collaboration session, while I typed away on my laptop.

    I brought my office with me that day. Because I could.

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