ILTA Recognizes Value of Tech Innovation

    The topics addressed this week at the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) 36th Annual Educational Conference in Las Vegas rivals any of the cutting-edge shows that tackle the latest technology developments.

    The ILTA agenda examines mobile apps, BYOD, app virtualization, video conferencing, Big Data, and cloud computing, to name just a few of the important trends sweeping the technology landscape.

    The ILTA’s leadership in this sector is due to the recognition by representatives of law firms around the country that technology plays a significant role in contributing to bottom line success.

    In its October 2012 Technology Survey of 487 law firms, the ILTA pointed out the importance of IT as a business driver.

    “Legal technology departments, when properly managed, have the power to contribute to the firm’s revenue and to reduce costs through automation,” the survey said. “How we contribute will depend a great deal on the relationship between the practice and those responsible for IT governance. This relationship is ingrained deeply in firm culture, and we have a great deal of work to do to build and maintain credibility, and ultimately win management’s confidence in our ability to be strong contributors to the business.”

    ShoreTel, a sponsor at the event, is showcasing its solutions in booth 543 at the conference, taking place through August 22 at Caesars Palace Hotel.

    ShoreTel’s unified communications (UC) systems are well-suited for enabling successful legal services operations.

    ShoreTel LexisNexis Time Matters Integration Application gives firms automated access to client records and creation of phone records based on phone number matches, embedded ‘click to call’ support and more.

    Also, the ShoreTel Cost Recovery Integration Application combines the ShoreTel VoIP phone system with legal and professional services accounting software, such as Equitrac and Copitrak, to facilitate convenient and accurate telephone time tracking and billing.

    One ShoreTel customer pointed to the simplicity of use of its solutions.

    “One of the key drivers for the ShoreTel system was the simplicity of the architecture – so it wasn’t a complex thing to put in place – and also how readily available and how quick to implement it was in our two offices. We were almost tripping over ourselves with the speed at which it got implemented,”said  Jason Wild, operations director of Bell Gully in New Zealand.

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