The importance of communications disaster recovery

    When technical or natural disasters strike, it is important for a company to be prepared. Not only are there ways to plan for such a crisis, but different services can also help minimize the damage done or avoid incidents altogether. Technologies such as cloud phone systems can stay active even if a building loses power, and proper data storage and backups can completely eliminate the risk of lost or destroyed information - the most common type of disaster an organization can face, according to Business Insider.

    Preserving contact information and maintaining connectivity during and immediately after a disaster is of vital importance. While many companies scramble to rebuild their communication network, a business can avoid this hassle by implementing a VoIP service as a backup or even as the main communication network. Jennifer Walzer, founder of BUMI and author of the BI article, states that her company utilizes M5net for its hosted VoIP to cover all communication needs.

    Walzer also points out the importance of client and vendor contact lists. If a business loses its power or internet and their contacts are stored in a system that is suddenly inaccessible, either having a physical copy, or a copy stored in the cloud is essential to maintaining operations.

    However, it is just as important to inform employees of disaster recover plans and ensure that they know what to do as it is to have the technology to assist during a crisis, like an online phone service.

    During an emergency, workers have to know who will perform functions vital to resolving the situation, as well as contacting clients and updating them, according to the news source. While IT professionals can take care of computer and communication needs, other employees will have to take care of the rest of the necessary precautions. With the proper strategy in place, the damage from any scenario can be minimized or avoided.

    No matter how prepared a business is, one serious incident cripple operations. That is why it is important to not only have the technology in place to assist with disaster recovery, but also have a plan that covers all situations and is shared with each and every employee.

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