The Importance of Integration

    UC is not “unified” unless your services are unified with your business systems.

    Enterprises today are looking to seamlessly blend applications they already live in with UC tools and capabilities.

    Integration of business processes is a game-changer for today’s enterprises and a necessity to succeed. Customers expect the best solutions to play well with others – integrate with existing key business processes.

    Customers want to live in the apps they already use.

    CRM (customer relationship management) in the cloud is booming for precisely this reason. Companies such as Salesforce (135K customers) and NetSuite (50K customers) continue to grow at stellar rates, gobbling up customers away from traditional CRM providers.

    At ShoreTel, we are aligning that user experience story by adding value and comfort of familiarity: The modern applications you already use join data and services through their API layer and deliver seamless browser and mobile experiences.