Improve Customer Service with Unified Communications

    Unified communications (UC) solutions help organizations improve customer service and support in several ways: contact center agents can find subject matter experts using IM and presence technology to quickly solve customer problems; customers can reach support reps regardless of their location; customer service agents can view a customer’s desktop or see the problem that the customer is calling about, and demonstrate how to fix a problem or fill out a form through Web collaboration and video conferencing.

    Find an Expert

    In today’s environment, effective management of customer relationships is the responsibility of a much broader set of people than dedicated contact center agents. There are often times when a subject matter expert is required to assist a customer, whether directly or indirectly. 

    The Many Benefits of UC on Customer Service
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    UC can help contact center agents increase effectiveness by connecting them with subject matter experts as needed regardless of the expert’s location or function. Wherever specialized resources reside in a company, UC can link that expertise to the contact center, meaning issues are handled and completed in the initial interaction, without requiring the customer to call back potentially multiple times.

    Using presence technology, contact center agents can see who the appropriate experts are, if they are available, and whether they are online and may be contacted via IM.

    The key benefit is the reduction in time an agent spends helping a customer. Being able to immediately get the information needed from an expert means the issue is resolved quickly.

    The Remote Agent Advantage

    Remote agents have been used for many years, but UC makes it easier for contact center agents to work from any location, while still being easily accessible to supervisors, managers and customers. Being able to work remotely generally increases agent satisfaction, while reducing turnover and the real estate needed for agents.

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