Improve Your Face Time: Optimize Video Conference Calls

    Those futuristic movies of decades past promised us we’d be floating on hoverboards and riding in flying cars by now. Not quite. But they did get one thing right: video calling. Today, one in five Americans uses video calling services.

    Of the many capabilities sheltered beneath the unified communications and collaboration (UCC) umbrella, video conferencing is perhaps the most widely used. It can help a customer service representative see the broken item a customer received in the mail. It enables a CEO to have a sit-down meeting with his firm’s biggest client in only seconds. It allows a remote worker to participate in a mandatory presentation regardless of location.

    It’s clear that video calls help accelerate business, but how can you better optimize the video calls you’re making?

    Keep call quality high at home. If you have to hop onto a video call while at home, your connection may not run as smoothly as it would on your corporate network. If you’re using a program like Skype, Google Chat or any other Web-based app, make sure that you have installed the latest version. Also, try to use a high-speed Ethernet cord as opposed to Wi-Fi to avoid any lag or interference.

    Present a professional environment. If you’re in the office, you’ll likely have no problem achieving this goal. When you’re at home, ensure that your background is light, has a bit of color to it (not too much, though) and sufficiently reflects your behavior and tastes.

    Invest in an IP conference unit. When it comes to video calling, it’s wise to keep a “hope for the best, expect the worst” mentality. For instance, if your video quality starts acting up, you can keep communications flowing with an IP conference unit, which provides advanced, crystal clear audio conferencing via sophisticated, acoustic beam forming technology. Eliminate all ambient noises and sidebar conversations so that business can resume as usual. 

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