Improving technology helps increase contact center employee retention

    A new study by Frost & Sullivan revealed that contact center firms are seeing increased retention due to improving career opportunities and evolving technology. Telecom solutions like VoIP PBX and unified communications provide significant advancements that help businesses increase productivity and the quality of work done.

    According to the survey, 66 percent of call center managers cited better equipment as a major factor keeping employee satisfaction high. Additionally, 60 percent said that career opportunities contributed, as more professionals seek advancement in contact centers, rather than viewing them as transitional positions.

    "Equipment and technologies that improve the employee work experience are a relatively low-cost way for today's organizations to both increase employee satisfaction and distinguish themselves from other potential employers," said Kelly Myers, an industry expert.

    Seeking to improve employee satisfaction and retention is a key contributor to higher quality service in a contact center, which can lead to higher customer satisfaction and, ultimately, increased profit. By deploying tools like VoIP service and improved hardware, a business not only is ensuring the quality of work it provides, but its future success in the industry as well.

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