Unlike some of the recent mobility offerings being touted, ShoreTel Mobility supports VoIP/ Voice over wireless local area network (VoWLAN) with automatic handover between Wi-Fi and cellular. ShoreTel Mobility leverages the combination of reactive, proactive and policy metrics to provide reliable, automatic handover in all environments.

Without Client support for VoIP/VoWLAN, enterprises can’t leverage corporate and remote WLAN networks to extend coverage and reduce costs. 

  • Voice calls placed over Wi-Fi do not incur any cellular minutes. They are essentially “free” and do not deduct from a monthly cellular plan’s minutes.
  • By reducing the required number of cellular minutes per month, many mobile users are able to decrease the cost of their monthly plan by subscribing to a lower number of monthly minutes.
  • For corporate users on a “pooled” mobile cellular minute plan, the total number of pooled minutes can often be significantly reduced because of corporate users taking advantage voice over Wi-Fi, rather than placing cellular calls.
  • The cost of cellular international calling is substantially reduced or completely eliminated by using VoWLAN, because calls are re-routed from cellular (and extremely high cellular international charges) to the corporate voice network.
  • When traveling internationally, international roaming charges are eliminated when using VoWLAN. “Roaming” is often one of the most expensive parts of international calling.
  • Internal Wi-Fi infrastructure is often times much more stable and more reliable than traditional cellular networks. This results in fewer dropped calls, significantly improved “in-building” coverage and a better end user experience.

Providing a rich set of reports that enable better telecom expense management and with heterogeneous platform support, ShoreTel Mobility embraces VoWLAN on the more than 25 different devices supported across the Android, Apple iOS, RIM BlackBerry and Nokia S60 mobile platforms.


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