Increasing VoIP service adoption is expected through 2015

    According to a recent report by TechNavio, the global voice over IP market is expected to grow by over 16 percent by 2015. This increase in VoIP service shows a high demand for VoIP for both business and personal use. The report also suggests that decreasing costs of telecommunications equipment may influence this growth.

    Any increase in IP telephony adoption indicates a push away from traditional communications avenues. Legacy systems and premise-based telephony have higher costs due to equipment maintenance and upgrades, and VoIP solutions often provide higher quality features unavailable with physical systems in the same bracket.


    Currently, global VoIP adoption is estimated to be at about 14 percent, with Russia having the highest deployment rate of 35 percent, according to research by Ipsos. The United States only shows a 6 percent adoption of IP telephony, but these figures are based on total population, and not business versus personal implementation.


    Regardless of differences between civilian and business adoption of advanced telecommunication services, any growth is a good sign. As the demand for VoIP and hosted PBX grows, providers will improve the quality and features of solutions in order to meet expanding needs.