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    "You can't manage what you don’t measure."

    Smart businesses invest in their voice network in order to achieve savings, improve efficiencies and boost customer satisfaction. If they don’t have a tool that allows the right people to measure, they may not gain all the management benefits they expect. A call accounting system is that tool.

    Today, call accounting is much more than assigning a cost to a call record. It is an essential resource that helps a business improve its bottom line by better managing its voice network to:

    • Reduce Costs
    • Improve Productivity
    • Increase Security

    By "accounting" for each call and providing insightful management reports, a call accounting system helps a business manager learn what it doesn't know about its voice network:

    • Are customer service calls being processed efficiently?
    • Are we spending money for facilities that are not being using?
    • Is our network being hacked, abused or misused?

    Modern call accounting allows you to listen to your business’ heartbeat – providing visibility into key calling trends, calling expenses, and possible security threats, to name a few benefits.


    @Comm is a developer of feature-rich, easy-to-use Call Accounting and Workgroup Reporting solutions, leveraging its 30-year history of innovation, partner and customer support. Additionally, @Comm is a longstanding member of ShoreTel's Innovation Network, initially validated in 2007 – the program’s inaugural year.

    CommView, from @Comm Corporation is a simple-to-use, yet advanced, VoIP Call Accounting and Reporting solution. CommView elevates traditional call accounting reporting by adding ShoreTel Workgroup reporting and traffic analysis reports. CommView reports help users take control of their voice network, enabling them to monitor and manage Telecom expense by department, detect potential abuse, pinpoint fraud or call hacking, and manage employee productivity by department and function.

    If you’re already a ShoreTel Reseller, don’t miss @Comm’s upcoming presentation on how call-reporting solutions can help ShoreTel Resellers – as part of the ShoreTel Innovation Network webinar series highlighting Alliance technology partners.

    To learn more about ShoreTel and CommView from @Comm, visit the @Comm Innovation Network site.

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