Instant messaging still a key UC tool

    Unified communications systems are capable of providing businesses with a wide range of technically advanced collaboration features. However, a recent survey performed by IDC at the ITEXPO found that most organizations still value instant messaging above all of other UC functions, Channel Partners reported.

    According to the news source, instant messaging, despite its relative ease of implementation, is still the UC technology demanded by the most businesses because it is easy to use. The report said IM tools allow workers to directly communicate without having to deal with the delay associated with email.

    Furthermore, the report said IM tools also pay off in unified communications because they are easy to use while engaged in another activity. This allows workers to multitask and function more efficiently.

    Presence, on the other hand, finished last in the poll, but the report said this is because of lack of use in the enterprise. The technology is so advanced that businesses are only beginning to find ways to deploy it, limiting its demand.

    While IM is the most demanded UC tool, more advanced systems are still gaining popularity quickly. For example, many experts agree that videoconferencing and other similar solutions are becoming more prominent in enterprise settings.

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