Softphone applications are extensions of IP desktop phones on the enterprise networks. Their popularity is increasing alongside user trends of BYOD and enterprise everywhere access.

Out of all vendors, ShoreTel is the best positioned to bank on these softphone trends as the company has been focused on building and promoting desktop UC clients since the early days… a decade before the word “UC” was invented.

Based on an end-user survey of ShoreTel Communicator adoption, about 10 percent of ShoreTel customers currently use our softphone at least once a week. According to this same survey, within the next three years:

  • 10% of customers anticipate replacing desk phones with softphones.
  • 29% of customers do not intend to replace desk phones with softphones.
  • 26% of customers do not know whether they will use desk phones or softphones.

Of that 10 percent planning to move to softphones, many common traits appeared:

  • Younger workforce (education, Web 2.0 companies)
  • “Inward facing” employees (accounting, logistics, R&D…)
  • Technically savvy users
  • Cost-driven organization such as Contact Centers.
  • Scattered work-force (small HQ with a lot of teleworkers)

In the ShoreTel world, all users have a Communicator client on their desktop. With Communicator for Windows, you can simply turn your PC into a phone in a click of a button.


The switch is instant. It’s truly as simple as that.

Digital transformation has become a top initiative for business and IT leaders. In today’s business world, sustainable market leadership is no longer based solely on which company has the best products or even the best people. Instead, organizations that are agile and can quickly adapt to rapidly evolving market trends will become market leaders.

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