Insurance Company COO finds value and peace of mind with ShoreTel and FlexGuard

    Reisert Insurance is one of the oldest privately held insurance companies in Louisville, Kentucky, and like so many organizations in this tight economy, is trying to do as much business as possible while maintaining its competitive edge through excellent customer satisfaction and loyalty.

    Unfortunately, an old Nortel phone system was starting to cause big headaches and threatening to compromise the company's ability to provide exceptional customer service.

    By the time Reisert turned to their local ShoreTel reseller, Warren Technology, their business systems were so out of balance that only part of their communication processes were getting the job done. After seeing a demo of ShoreTel's brilliantly simple IP communication system, Reisert agreed this solution was by far the best the market had to offer for its present and future needs.

    Already very comfortable with the technology decision, Reisert's Chief Operations Officer still had some concerns about their budget. However, when he heard about ShoreTel's Financial Services FlexGuard program it was a “no brainer” he said, “with capital so tight in this business climate, FlexGuard was the right ticket to acquire the technology we needed to run our business.”

    The FlexGuard program – with full bundled support – offered exceptional business value with regards to monthly cost-especially when Reisert Insurance considered the value and peace of mind from the System Replacement Guarantee, comprehensive support, and keeping the acquisition off company books.

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