The integration of VoIP and CRM

    Enterprises around the world are benefiting from Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calling, partially because of its ability to integrate with customer relationship management (CRM) systems and services. VoIP allows businesses to make and receive calls over the internet, while CRM allows customer representatives, agents, sales teams, managers and others to access and use client information. Integration of VoIP and CRM can benefit businesses by streamlining processes.

    VoIP improving business communication
    VoIP is popping up in enterprises to replace traditional land lines, offering premium calling services with all of the advanced features necessary to enhance communication processes. Additionally, VoIP can be easily integrated into CRM and other unified communications (UC) solutions to improve business operations.

    According to TechTarget, some CRM software providers are integrating VoIP solutions in an effort to make stronger connections and offer better customer service. If VoIP solutions and CRM software can be streamlined into one interface, it makes it easier for those reaching out to build customer relationships, access information and keep track of purchases made, questions asked and other details particular to the customer.

    CRM is extremely useful to businesses trying to build customer relationships, as is VoIP. According to PC Advisor, however, there are a number of CRM pitfalls to avoid. The news source reported that deep navigation trees that make it difficult for users to understand the interface render it useless. If connections are not intuitive and obvious on a CRM solution, then they can't be utilized. The news source also explained that quality VoIP solutions are necessary for businesses. If companies use low-quality phone services with spotty connections, they won't be able to benefit from CRM software that holds decent phone calls as a given.

    CRM shows strong growth
    According to a recent study by IDC, CRM is showing exceptionally strong growth in the software market as it adds more integration capabilities. Contact center applications saw a particularly strong increase, proving that CRM software is being recognized as a benefit to business. Combining CRM with an outstanding, premium VoIP service solution is a necessity for businesses looking to gain a competitive edge in customer service.

    As businesses expand with more traveling employees, remote capabilities and customer strategies, VoIP services that offer premium calls at an affordable rate are a necessity, as are CRM platforms that help catalog customer activity.

    Today's world is one where the customer is valued and catered to. The ability to interact with customers and employees over a variety of platforms makes VoIP and CRM integration useful for those striving to make better, more productive connections. Choosing a trustworthy hosted VoIP provider may be the first step in finding a new and improved communications solution.

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