The Intelligent Contact Center: Webinar Replay

Every customer’s experience with a business starts with some type of interaction, whether it be with a sales representative or IT, going above and beyond their expectations is vital to success. By 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.

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Although 80 percent of companies say they deliver “superior” customer service, only eight percent of people think that these same companies deliver “superior” customer service. 

How are companies ensuring positive customer engagement?

They’re investing in new technologies, like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, leveraging them to collect data, analyze usage and gain deep insight into how their customers are using their products and services. Contact centers are key to this transformation.

Contact centers are an important strategic asset. With 70 percent of customer journeys starting on a digital channel, it’s shocking to find that only one percent of digital customer data is used for effective engagement.

AI takes the data collected and the interactions we have with our customers to improve their experience by anticipating their needs.

Brands need to compete on their customer experience to stand apart now more than ever, with 59 percent of people willing to try a new brand or company for a better service experience. AI and machine learning are transforming contact centers into streamlined, self-service and smart CX platforms, working to improve the customer experience.

The future of the contact center world will involve optimization, assistance, discovery and recommendations, all given by AI. Your business will achieve a strategic advantage, operational excellence and customer loyalty by investing in a contact center that saves time and money, while ensuring that your customers are receiving the best service.

With enterprise class performance and consumer-like ease of use, innovative companies rely on advanced cloud contact center solutions like MiCloud Connect CX to power their customer interactions. The power of AI is infused into every element of our contact center solution, to drive higher efficiency, cost reduction and allowing you to deliver personalized customer experiences. Integrating with your CRM system, Connect CX ensures that when a call comes in, you can immediately assess customer information, so that you can even personalize the conversation.

Focused on delivering personalized customer experiences with a cloud-native solution that combines enterprise-class modern cloud architecture with a consumer-like experience, MiCloud Connect CX can help your business make customer experience its competitive advantage. Bring all of your communications tools into one cloud and one application for a seamless experience on any device, anywhere in the world. Easily manage voice, email and IM from a single screen to reduce management complexity and boost productivity.

Your team will exceed evolving customer expectations with a nimble platform, accelerating your customer experience with a contact center tool that’s easy to use and set up, intuitive for your team and never lets you down.

To learn more about how you can leverage intelligent contact centers to deliver the best customer experience possible, watch our webinar, The Intelligent Contact Center.

In this webinar, Head of AI and Data Science at Talkdesk, Jafar Adibi and Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Nichole Paschal of Mitel, cover how intelligent contact centers are helping to gain valuable insight into customer behavior.

In this webinar you will learn how an intelligent contact center can:

  • Utilize IVR and CRM data to intelligently route incoming calls, offer predictive recommendations and drive up first call resolution
  • Save time and money by automating responses to common queries, improving resolution time and CSAT scores
  • Identify trends, monitor performance and unlock deep insights into agents and customers

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