The International Legal Technology Association Conference

    The doors are open at one of our favorite vertical tradeshow and conferences – the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) This conference is a tremendous resource for meeting prospects and channel partners, and arranging personalized demonstrations of our solutions, which used by so many law firms around the world.

    ShoreTel is continuously selected over our competition because of our unique solutions for the legal professional, resulting in high customer satisfaction. We offer flexible alternatives for law firms to select the implementation for UC. They can use a brilliantly simple solution running on their premise, and operate it with ease. Or, if they wish to have a fully hosted cloud solution as a monthly service, we’ve got that covered as well. Either choice results in excellent solutions for lawyers communicating with their clients.

    ShoreTel 13 conference and collaboration solutions allow lawyers to consult with other firm representatives, and with their clients. We’re demonstrating the ease of use for turning an IM into a phone call, into a full desktop sharing collaboration session.

    ShoreTel Mobility ensures lawyers can be productive and accessible anywhere. By leveraging our unique solutions for smart phones, we’re demonstrating how lawyers stay connected with clients anywhere, at any time, resulting in higher satisfaction and increased service levels, while reducing communication costs. Best of all, it is also available for our cloud division customers

    I believe our position in the legal industry really reflects our value proposition so well. The IT departments of law firms that select ShoreTel are stars – because they provide an intuitive brilliantly simple solution that empowers the firm to focus on their clients.

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