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The way we work has changed dramatically over the past year. The pandemic has ushered in a wave of remote workers who crave simplicity in business applications. Many businesses began the pandemic by patching together disparate systems, merely to stay afloat.

Now, however, businesses are taking the time to determine whether their band-aid solutions merit a long-term strategy. With vaccines rolling out around the globe, now is the perfect time for businesses to define their communications strategy, so they can keep their employees productive no matter where they’re working.

One part of many business communications strategies that has come to the forefront over the past year is Microsoft Teams. A collaboration tool that comes with Office 365 subscriptions, Microsoft Teams has a few limitations. Specifically, Microsoft Teams does not have full enterprise telephony functionality.

To give Microsoft Teams users a true telephony option, Mitel is introducing MiCloud Connect for Microsoft Teams.

MiCloud Connect for Microsoft Teams is a direct routing solution that integrates MiCloud Connect’s cloud telephony into the Microsoft Teams interface. This allows users to stay within the collaboration app they already use, while giving them access to MiCloud Connect features such as:

- Flexible phones--including softphones and mobile options
- Real-time rich presence and availability
- Ring group control
- Contact center and CRM integrations

So why should you choose MiCloud Connect for Microsoft Teams?

Use from Anywhere

MiCloud Connect is designed with the remote worker in mind, allowing users to stay connected whether they’re at their desk or on the go. The MiCloud Connect for Microsoft Teams integration works in the Teams desktop or mobile applications.

Protect Your Investments

With MiCloud Connect for Microsoft Teams you can enhance your investment in Microsoft with the telephony features your business needs to stay productive.


The MiCloud Connect for Microsoft Teams integration is available with the MiCloud Connect service plans, with no additional monthly charge.*

Security and Reliability

With MiCloud Connect for Microsoft Teams, you get the security and reliability of MiCloud Connect, built on Google Cloud. You know your communications will be there when you need them with MiCloud Connect’s SLA of 99.99 percent uptime, compared to Microsoft Team’s 99.9 percent. And with HIPAA and SOC 2 compliance, you know your communications will be safe and secure.

Mix and Match

MiCloud Connect allows you to mix and match your service plans, based on the needs of each individual user. Our service plans include MiCloud Connect for Microsoft Teams, so you have your bases covered.

How does MiCloud Connect for Microsoft Teams work?

The Microsoft Teams client is registered as a SIP device on MiCloud Connect, enabling users to make and receive calls within the Teams client or from a desk or mobile phone.

MiCloud Connect with Microsoft Teams Diagram

Easy Set-Up

MiCloud Connect for Teams is simple to set up by accessing the MiCloud Connect admin portal and selecting “Activate Add-On Feature.” A quick video will pop up to walk you through the rest, and that’s it!

MiCloud Connect MS Teams Integration

Watch the Demo


So what are you waiting for? Take your communications to the next level with MiCloud Connect for Microsoft Teams.

*There is a one-time fee of $10 per user.


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