Introducing Our Fan-of-the-Month for August: Doug Good

    With the lazy, hazy days of summer, our Fan-of-the-Month feature took a break in July. But it’s time to get back to business (and for some, school) in August. With that thought in mind, we’re pleased to introduce our ShoreTel Fan-of-the-Month for August 2016 – Doug Good, IT Support Coordinator for Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA). Doug’s organization deployed ShoreTel VoIP Connect ONSITE with 420 endpoints, and also just purchased ShoreTel Connect CLOUD, which it will launch this year.

    Doug Good, IT Support Coordinator, Pennsylvania State Education Association

    After an unsuccessful experience with another vendor’s hosted system, your organization chose ShoreTel Connect ONSITE. Why?

    “We started by evaluating ShoreTel, Avaya and Alcatel. Alcatel wasn’t a fit. Avaya seemed like an old system. Everything was slapped into place and bolted on, whereas ShoreTel Connect ONSITE was designed from the ground up to be one unified messaging system. Going with ShoreTel was an easy decision. We also have tenants to support, but didn’t want to share our network. That’s why we decided to deploy ShoreTel Connect CLOUD rather than a separate on-premises system for seven or eight folks.”

    Doug explains how centralized management and ease of administration is saving PSEA time and money.

    Now that the ShoreTel Connect ONSITE is up and running, the ability to centrally manage the ShoreTel system from a single web page has saved PSEA both time and money. Customer service has also improved considerably. Previously, when one of PSEA’s associates was out, unanswered calls went to voicemail. Now calls are redirected to another office so customers enjoy prompt, personalized service, which is important in a member-based organization. 

    “ShoreTel saves time. It’s easy to make all moves/adds/deletes/changes right from my desktop. We’re also saving money since we can dial other offices or employees directly with a four-digit extension. Prior to the ShoreTel system, when one office called another, we were incurring long-distance charges. You couldn’t transfer calls between offices,” said Good.

    How is ShoreTel Connect ONSITE helping you meet the needs of 14 separate offices?

    Good commented that ShoreTel Connect ONSITE was so easy to deploy that his team was able to get one or two offices up and running every two weeks, without disrupting day-to-day operations. Plus, ShoreTel client software has enabled the IT staff to better manage and transfer calls.

    “ShoreTel software offers us a multitude of new capabilities, all of which have increased productivity. The ability to customize features is a big plus since every office works differently,” explained Good. “Some offices use the paging feature. Some offices want incoming calls to ring on everybody’s desk and others don’t. There’s a lot of little nuances that we were able to set up individually for each office.”

    If asked, how would you describe your ShoreTel Connect ONSITE experience?  

    “When colleagues ask me, I can’t recommend ShoreTel Connect ONSITE highly enough. It’s like stepping out of a horse and buggy and onto the space shuttle. I wouldn’t change anything. I’m glad we made the decision we did. The support that I’m getting is tremendous and we’re saving $25,000 a year on maintenance.  I have absolutely no regrets about going with ShoreTel Connect ONSITE.”

    Learn more about the PSEA experience in this related news release. If you'd like additional information about ShoreTel Connect ONSITE, visit here.


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