Introducing Our Fan-Of-The-Month For June: Gary Sheehan

    We're pleased to introduce and congratulate our ShoreTel Fan-of-the-Month for June 2016 -- Gary Sheehan, CEO of Cape Medical Supply. The company deployed ShoreTel Connect CLOUD with ShoreTel 400 series IP phones.

    You had a fairly new telephony system. Why did you decide to deploy ShoreTel Connect CLOUD rather than upgrade?

    We needed telephony features and functionality that offered significantly more value and features than our previous system. Since we already have cloud-based solutions for business, EMR and CRM applications, a hosted, cloud-based telephony system seemed like a perfect complement.

    How did you approach the selection process?

    We hired an outside consultant who began the information-gathering phase with a 100-point questionnaire. Based on that input, the field of contenders was narrowed to five providers. The ShoreTel Connect CLOUD solution offered extensive reporting tools, email integration, and chat into the agent's queue system. For those reasons, ShoreTel Connect CLOUD was the ideal choice.

    What ShoreTel features have added the most value to Cape Medical Supply?

    Prior to our ShoreTel Connect CLOUD implementation, we had no ability to monitor call volume, customer service quality, or the demand placed on each of our call centers and agents.

    Now we can see how the system performs in real time, identify heavy call times, and more effectively reallocate resources. Managers can pull up historical patterns and add staff in our contact centers on days and at times when we experience higher call loads. Being able to staff appropriately has contributed to a more positive customer experience.

    We have also found that the mobility and scribe features are great tools that help us improve customer communications. Patient and partner calls can be routed through the main gateway to reach any of our field sales personnel. Scribe enables our employees to effectively manage calls with voice mail transcription, so there’s no need to write separate emails.

    If another supply company asked about your ShoreTel experience, what would you say?

    What we offer is a product you could get essentially anywhere. We need to build an advantage in the marketplace by providing excellent service, and ShoreTel is helping us to continue to distinguish our customer experience from the competition. We absolutely made the right decision with ShoreTel Connect CLOUD. I would not hesitate to recommend ShoreTel to any organization.  

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