Introducing Our Fan-of-the-Month: Pegula Sports and Entertainment

    This month’s featured Fan-of-the-Month is actually a team of ShoreTel enthusiasts. We’re pleased to introduce Pegula Sports and Entertainment, a sports management company whose clients include -- among others -- the Buffalo Bills and the Buffalo Sabres teams.

    Read more about why Pegula decided to choose ShoreTel.

    Improving customer service, on-demand scalability, and lowering TCO were tops on your agenda for your franchises, the Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres. Can you elaborate?

    The telephony needs at both facilities were somewhat different. Over at First Niagara Center, the Buffalo Sabres’ aging telephone system was unreliable. The system was dropping calls and it took forever to find replacements as various components failed. Its lack of flexibility prevented staff from making any changes in-house, which was costing both time and money.

    Creating superior customer service was very important to the Buffalo Bills. The HARORCENTER housed an aging communications system that couldn’t scale to keep up with the needs of the NFL, entertainment events, or the organization’s increased staffing. A new system was critical to providing the best possible customer service, on and off the gridiron.

    What has impressed your executive team most about ShoreTel?

    “From the switchover, ShoreTel UC features have enabled our employees to better communicate, and allow Pegula Sports and Entertainment to use one platform across a number of its different businesses. That has eliminated the need to duplicate services,” says Chuck Lamattina, executive vice president of finance and business operations and CFO for Pegula Sports and Entertainment.

    He estimates that ShoreTel has reduced the company’s total cost of ownership (TCO) by approximately 50%.

    In the case of the Buffalo Bills, the ease of use and scalability were key, according to Dan Evans, vice president of information technology at the Buffalo Bills.

    “ShoreTel has elevated customer service in the organization and call center. When calls come, a series of prompts guide guests to the proper operator, who can quickly help them with questions or ticket purchases,” says Evans.

    What features in ShoreTel UC VoIP is Pegula Sports and Entertainment most excited about?

    With ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center, the Buffalo Sabres can prioritize calls for season ticket holders and direct others to information or a department via established workgroups. The team store is one workgroup, and this enables the Buffalo Sabres to consolidate all of its inquiry calls to a specified group of agents. This group can be augmented or changed on the fly to respond to peaks and changes in traffic, which has created a positive customer experience.

    The Buffalo Bills have been able to leverage ShoreTel’s integrated communications system and mobility application to improve employee productivity whether they have staff in the office, on the sidelines of a game, or in a remote location. ShoreTel has also worked for the Buffalo Bills because of its scalability. The Pegula Sports and Entertainment group can host a small group and then instantly flip a switch and we are ready to host 80,000 people on game day.

    What would you say if another sports franchise asked you about the ShoreTel UC VoIP business phone system?

    “The ShoreTel solution is very user-friendly. It doesn't take a lot of training to use the system,” explains David Wheat, chief administrative officer for the Bills. The Bills are the second NFL team to use ShoreTel technology, joining an impressive roster of sports customers, including six professional basketball, four professional baseball, and two professional hockey teams.

    “ShoreTel has has allowed us to expand to Rochester, where we purchased a minor-league hockey team. It has grown with us as we built HARBORCENTER here in Buffalo, New York. Also, since Buffalo has been selected to host the 2016 draft, we’ll need at least 120 lines for suites and individual team needs. With ShoreTel, we can scale up without any additional infrastructure additions,” concludes Lamattina. “ShoreTel is a great product and a good company.”

    Watch this video to learn more about Pegula's experience and insights.

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