Introducing the ShoreTel Dock at Interop Las Vegas – “iCan Change the Game”

    ShoreTel is changing the game for our channel partners with our brilliantly simple solutions – including our brand new ShoreTel Dock!  Have you ever heard customers say they want to bring their own device to work, such as their iPhone or iPad, and use it for business communications?  Now you can help them place a call from their iPhone using the Caller ID of their desk phone!  How about using a speakerphone or handset with crystal clear sound, or dialing frequent numbers with a keypad while keeping their devices fully charged throughout the day?  ShoreTel changed the game in Las Vegas this week with the introduction of the world’s first communications docking station specifically designed for the Apple iPad and iPhone.

    The ShoreTel Dock offers innovations for both premise and cloud customers.  You can finally undesk your desk phone by replacing it with your iPhone or iPad, and use either to place or receive calls in the office.  Or take one home for your home office.  Want to use your iPad in portrait or landscape mode?  That would be an “iCan” do either.  iCan use the devices I love that satisfy IT security, and iCan even cut costs for international calls to zero by using my corporate data network.

    iCan finally communicate the way I want to in the office, not the way the company tells me.

    iCan be empowered.  iCan and so can you if you join us this week at Interop.   If you’re around on Wednesday night, drop me a note at for an invitation to a private reception to celebrate the exciting launch.

    Our channel partners will get more information on June 13, including how to order.  Presentations, datasheets, and more information will also be also available on the partner site on June 13.