Investing in unified communications is preparing for the future

    While some companies have said they have no need to upgrade to IP communications technology, experts believe doing so before the need arises can be a wise investment. According to David Byrd at Channel Partners, unified communications and mobility are more than "fads," and supporting these technologies now rather than waiting until demand rises is an investment for the future.

    Even if a company's clients do not express a need for VoIP service, it is the duty of the business to understand VoIP and other IP communications, and be able to offer advice related to them, according to Byrd. He backs up this point with the fact that about 3 million new iPads have been sold in the few days since its release.

    The popularity of tablet use is migrating into business as well, as more professionals are using their own mobile devices for business purposes. Improved hosted PBX systems can support smartphones and tablets, allowing these employees to access company networks and data with this technology.

    By supporting new technologies, a business is preparing for the future, according to Byrd, and that is just as important as the company's initial vision for itself.

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