IT and telecommunications aligning

    For years, telecommunications and telephony services were widely considered outside the realm of IT, as the hardware was specialized, solutions often required specific training and IT often did not have time to worry about telephony infrastructure. Advances in both telephony and IT infrastructure are enabling the two separate departments to converge, creating significant changes for businesses, ARN reported.

    In a round table discussion hosted by a variety of companies with prominent roles in the IT and telecommunications industries, experts explained that integration between IT and telephony systems are changing how organizations maintain hardware, deploy infrastructure and handle their communications systems, according to ARN.

    Industry expert Tony Warhurst explained that while there is a great deal of difference between IT and telecommunications, the gap is quickly closing when it comes to voice over IP services. He explained that many organizations in the VoIP reseller channel have missed opportunities because they have been so focused on the telecommunications side of operations that they fail to properly emphasize the operational and collaboration-related elements of their solutions. Many telephony resellers focused so heavily on cabling and other telecommunications considerations that they did not properly recognize the need for quality of service and other similar IT considerations, ARN reported.

    David Elliot, another industry expert, agreed with Warhurst's sentiment.

    "That’s a key point; a lot of the traditional IT resellers didn’t understand the complexity of what was required for getting into voice. When you start getting into the voice world it’s a unified communications world. It requires real time quality assurance because none of us like bad voice calls, conference calls and so on," Elliot explained, according to ARN.

    Much of this could change as more organizations turn to cloud telephony solutions. Adopting a business phone system that is hosted by a cloud communications vendor gives organizations access to robust voice capabilities, potential unified communications integration and other advanced functionality. This is possible because the infrastructure of such setups often represents an optimized integration of telecommunications and IT functionality. The cloud PBX solution and connectivity options represent advanced telecommunications capabilities, while behind-the-scenes systems that ensure availability, quality of service and scalability make the most of the IT side of the equation. This creates a relationship that enables advanced collaboration while reducing costs and enhancing business continuity possibilities.

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