It might be cold outside, but Mitel is warming things up with MCD 6.0

    Last week brought some extremely frigid temperatures across North America. We’ve had a very mild winter thus far here in Ontario, so it came as a complete shock when the Arctic temperatures rolled in.

    While the cold temperatures were the major headline recently, Mitel was warming things up with the newest release of Mitel Communications Director (MCD) and Mitel Applications Suite (MAS). With MCD 6.0 and MAS 4.0 SP2, Mitel has brought some really cool features to the marketplace, many of which have been requested directly by customers.

    With the weather so cold outside, I took Saturday morning to upgrade our internal Mitel systems to the latest releases of MCD and MAS. Instantly, the team at Merbridge has taken a liking to these new features. Primarily we were excited by:

    Direct to Voice Mail – Direct to Voice Mail has to be one of the most requested features and now Mitel has delivered this Design Change Request (DCR) to customers. With Direct to Voice Mail, users can transfer Callers directly into another user’s voice mail box on the Embedded Mitel Express Messenger (EMEM) or on Mitel NuPoint Unified Messaging™ (UM), without the need to ring the user’s set first. It’s efficiency at its best.

    Disabled IP Phone Backlit Display – Customers who have IP phones in locations that are affected by light sources can now disable the backlit display on the Mitel 5330, 5340, and 5360 IP Phones (this includes the 5330e and 5340e Gig-E). This feature is important to folks who have a Mitel Teleworker in their home, or hotel guests that stay in a guest room where a backlit phone could light up the entire room. With this feature, the administrator can turn off the backlit display when the phone is not in use.

    Alpha Tagging on Outbound Calls – Tagging (labeling) calls with a name or words is a great way to ensure you have dialed the correct number. For example, my company has a number of System Speed Calls programmed in our MCD system. We have a series of consecutive Speed Calls (e.g., 5911, 5912, and 5913) that all go to Mitel, but each Speed Call goes directly to a different area within Mitel. Our system Speed Calls are for Mitel Sales, Mitel Product Support, and the (extremely friendly and helpful) Mitel Corporate Operators. When users dial these Speed Calls on our system, they are reassured they have dialed the correct number via the Alpha Tag that now appears on their display. It’s like Caller ID for outbound calls. Alpha Tagging works on any external number – not just System Speed Calls.

    Auto Insertion of ARS Prefix Digits – This is a great way to speed up call processing when reviewing your Call History. For most users, they will insert a leading 9 when they go to return a call from their Call History, or redial a previously call attempt. With this feature, the user’s Mitel IP Phone will automatically insert a 9 to gain access to an outbound phone line (trunk) – a great time saver.

    External Twinning Groups – Mitel has offered Dynamic Extension for a number of years now. Dynamic Extension has to be one of the most popular features that my organization implements for customers. In fact, one-hundred percent of Merbridge’s employees also use this feature. What’s special with MCD 6.0 is the ability to twin just two devices and realize cost savings. Mitel now offers two flavors of Dynamic Extension – two-member and eight-member. The two-member Dynamic Extension allows you to have two members in your group – e.g., your Mitel 5300 Series IP Phone and an external smartphone / cell phone. For those that have more devices (like me), the more traditional Dynamic Extension that allows up to eight concurrent devices is still available.

    MCD 6.0 is the perfect harmony of great new features, personal and business productivity enhancements, and shows a quick return on investment (ROI). These new feature take MCD to a new level and all of these features are available on the Mitel 3300 Controller, Virtual MCD on VMware® vSphere™, and MCD on an Industry Standard Server.

    Now, while I’ve listed a number of features here, there is a large list of ones that I haven’t mentioned because of time. To find out more about all the features available in MCD 6.0 or MAS 4.0 SP2, make sure you contact your Mitel authorizedPARTNER. The software is available now for download.

    Mitel has done a great job with these features and I’m happy with the way they have turned out. It really does allow folks to “simply communicate” quickly and effortlessly.

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