It Pays to Listen: Avaya’s $250K Twitter Sale

    “shoretel or avaya? Time for a new phone system very soon,” the Tweet read.

    “In less than maybe 15 minutes, we had seen it and figured out what the heck to say to this guy,” Paul Dunay said in an interview with Social Media Examiner back in November. Paul is the manager of customer service and social media at Avaya. The company was quick to respond to the original tweet with "We have some highly trained techs who can help you understand your needs best and help you make an objective decision. Give me a call.’”

    The interview continues that Dunay referred the gentleman to a business partner, and 13 days later, they closed a $250,000 sale. At the same time, the new customer’s follow-up Tweet went out: “…we have selected AVAYA as our new phone system. Excited by the technology and benefits…”

    Avaya utilizes their own product for social media listening and response, the Avaya Social Media Manager. As we covered yesterday it will intelligently assign tweets, blog articles and forum posts for speedy response to anyone on the social media team within minutes of posting. That team is currently 50 employees who volunteered to work on social media in addition to their current jobs, but Dunay would like to see all 15,000 Avaya employees involved.

    Avaya's social media initiative started as customer support- finding tweets, posts and mentions which were mostly questions that were forwarded to support reps. “The old 1.0 way was a call center or inputting tickets on the web,” Dunay said. “2.0 is we’ll try to reach out to Avaya support which is, by the way, me on Twitter.”

    But soon he saw more and more mentions from people researching phone systems and in the early stages of buying. “92% of B2B technology buyers consider themselves engaging in some form of social media,” Dunay says.

    Now they are using social media for customer support, sales, and PR. “Our goals are to have deeper, more interesting and more pervasive conversations with as many people as we possibly can,” he added. “Why wouldn’t you take every opportunity for your brand to build better and deeper relations with every customer you can?”

    via It Pays to Listen: Avaya’s $250K Twitter Sale | Social Media Examiner.

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